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Graywater Systems


Red lines: Greywater from showers and tub in Bathroom #1, #2 and #3 as well as water from the washing machine go directly into the Greywater Systems holding tank. Here the water is filtered and ready for delivery to toilets.

Blue lines: Purified water leaves the Brac Systems tank and is supplied to toilets in all three bathrooms.

Yellow lines: Blackwater from toilets, kitchen and bathroom sinks and dishwashers are transported directly into the sanitary sewer system.

What if there was a way some of our water could be used twice? Let’s look at some figures: Approximately two third of our water is being used to shower, bathe and do the laundry, while another third is being used to flush the toilet. This is a rather standard proportion throughout our homes.

"Greywater systems offers a real solution and gives us hope. And we are proud to share it with the world."

Thanks to Greywater's water-recycling product, each household saves 35 to 40% of its annual water consumption. Now, not only can we save money on our annual water bills but we can also extend our water supply and provide our children a future supply of water too.